Tired of Your Past Creating Your Future?

That Was Then, This is Now!

Can you feel a New Paradigm coming to our lives here on Earth?

Are you ready to create your life from your Light instead of your Wounds?

My name is Rev. Janice Thomas, and what I call a New Renaissance is leading us down pathways while transcending our fears of the unknown so we can reach new states of consciousness and new ways of being. We are being asked to journey past suffering and limitation into lives of connection, contentment, and creativity.
Are you feeling the urge to expand your consciousness and grow beyond your old ways of being, yet are not sure how to get to your next level?
Remember how your heart sings from the sights, sounds, and feelings of being in nature. Imagine evolving to live from your Essential Nature and its innate knowingness.

The energies of transformation themselves contain the solution to the problems we are dealing with.

For generations, humans have wanted to feel ‘at home’ inside: safe, peaceful, and unconditionally loved.

During and after group experiences with these New Paradigm energies, people tell me they feel safe and relaxed, lighter and less burdened, fresh like after a shower, and more present in the moment.
There are opportunities to gain insight, shift old patterning, and maintain the expanded level of consciousness. Over time they report outstanding improvements in a number of areas of their lives.

“Somehow I found my center, who I am, my Soul. It’s miraculous. It’s beyond anything I’ve felt before, and it’s all effortless.”

~ Rev. Michelle Tiernan, Soul Coach.


What is not changing is Our Creator Source or our own Soul.

What is changing is our Relationship to them.

This Renaissance of new life-supporting energies becoming available are leading me to become a Wayshower. They make it easier for me to help people like you surge into more completion with your past to be able to feel deeply self-love, peace, worthy, deserving, connected, supported, belonging, and just plain being at home within yourself. And as you go forward into expanded consciousness it also brings forward your delightful, playful, and loving precious child nature.

People I work with most often report that they have felt accepted for who they are in this process. They tell me the greatest gift is they now truly love themselves. That self-love translates to a better life in all areas – relationships, abundance, health, and achievements.

To help you get started on your own personal renaissance journey, I have created a 25-minute energy session recording to help you live as your Soul-Essence.

With this special audio recording “Intro to Living from your Soul-Essence,” you will:

  • Discover Place of Peace
  • Connect with Your Soul-Essence
  • Release from your Past what No Longer Serves You
  • Connect to Soul-Essence of Others and of the Planet

Create from your light instead of your wounds…

Benefits from Working with Rev. Janice:

  • Accelerated spiritual evolution
  • Freedom from feeling stuck in life’s struggles and past traumas and loss
  • Experiencing connection, belonging, and more creativity
  • Ability to see the bigger picture and new solutions
  • Moving from codependent to independent to interdependent


Choose which of the 3 Renaissance Pathways fits your needs:

Are you looking to expand your personal consciousness and create from your inner light?

Or do you want to increase your self-care and learn new expanded consciousness techniques?

Or is it using your talents to assist and receive at a planetary level?

If you need guidance for which pathway to choose, either watch the video below…
Or click the button below to contact Janice for your complimentary 20 minute consultation.

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”

Lau Tsu


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