“I have begun to approach the Energy First Responders with Janice without an agenda. “I have learned that I never know where her guidance will lead me but it always seems to be the guidance I need. Thus allowing me to go to a deeper place of awareness in serving not only me but others.” The group dynamics is an added bonus to my personal experience.”
Joan S., Certified Rubenfeld Synergist

“Somehow I found my center, who I am, my Soul. It’s miraculous. It’s beyond anything I’ve felt before, and it’s all effortless.”

Rev. Michelle Tiernan, Soul Coach

“Janice literally saved my life and helped heal my childhood trauma. I went from a suicide attempt to a much better job to buying my first house. Her voice is full of love and acceptance. She is calm and caring with a sense of humor. Her work helps you understand yourself better.”

Andy, RN

“I know that working with Janice affects the world because I am smiling a lot more and that helps people around me.  I know that so much more is possible than I ever thought.” 

Lynn Bacon-Keene

“I have been a meditator with a regular spiritual practice since the late 80’s. Never in my life have I experienced the depth and breadth of energy healing that I experience in this group of people in the Energy First Responders. The synergy we have, the ideas and direction that come through are truly transformational.” 

Georgena Eggleston, MA, Dean of Integrated Wellbeing Institute

“During the Global Healers Circle, I went very deep into a feeling of total surrender where there were no thoughts. I felt an awakening within my being which filled me with a joyous experience of love of ALL that is.  Being in such a high frequency together as a group, sharing, toning and anchoring the qualities of joy, peace, fun, compassion and healing for ourselves, loved ones, the Earth and Universes is so important. Thank you.” 

T. Danser, Montecito, Ca

“Janice’s gift is to go to imaginal realms and facilitate healing in a place outside of language and ideas. Her unique way of working with spiritual essences is invigorating, with lasting results.” 

Marney Makridakis, Bestselling author

Creating Time and founder of ArtellaLand.com

“Thank you also for your beautiful insights. Your words brought a great shift for me.”

Konstanze Bittroff

“Of all the gifted healers who’ve helped over the years, one I’ve come back to again and again is Janice Thomas. Without my having to spend weeks or months digging through painful history, Janice has enabled me to release an agonizing writer’s block and moved me beyond paralyzing grief and loss to functional gratitude. I cannot speak too highly of her work.”

Jacqui Bishop Co-author

How to Love Yourself When You Don't Know How

“Attending Janice’s classes has given me rewards beyond my wildest hopes and dreams. The class atmosphere feels like there is a safety net underneath you and that everything is possible.  I have gained a confidence and centeredness which allows me to just be me with my friends and family. Janice has changed my life and I am grateful. “

Georgie Chapman

“Rev. Janice creates a safe fun space – you see, feel, sense all sorts of things. And you feel so good. She teaches things that resonate deeply. My major benefit has been the release of patterns rooted in trauma, especially grief. After every group session, there is a shift. I feel increasingly free to comfortably be myself in most situations.” 

Cheryl Wichner, Reiki Master, Tucson

“Rev. Janice is a compassionate soul who helps me feel safe because she accepts me for who I am. My health and spiritual improvement has had a progressive nature. I now know I am deserving and loved. She saved my life and I can walk through life looking at things differently.”

C.K. Begay – Blind Rehab Specialist, Tucson

Your work has gone into my Soul. You have cleared me. You have helped me more than anyone I know or have received help from.”  

Shelly Eagle

“Janice Thomas has a unique way of working with energy that I’ve not encountered before.  Subtle and unobtrusive, loving and non-threatening, she enables insights and long-held unconscious beliefs to come popping to the surface.  I highly recommend her work.”  

Susan Herner

President, Susan Herner Rights Agency, Inc.

“Janice Thomas has given me courage to release my old ideas, my fear and my negative self-concept. It has opened the door to hope and willingness to discover that I am safe, I am worthy, and can live in spiritual consciousness of joyful love of self and all life in all situations: I am free.  This is transformational healing!  Janice is a practitioner of peace, living her intention to heal and never harm.  She is a true Light in the world, welcoming us to join her.  I encourage you to accept her invitation to a new life, a new you.” 

Linda Maynard, MSW

“Overall I found that this work helps me get present and get in my body. I am always amazed at what surfaces and what can be healed. It connects me with my true self.”

Lynn K., Professor, San Diego.

You are one of the people on this planet who actually intuitively makes sense to me — it has nothing to do with what you say (although what you say is good) and nothing to do with what you do (although what you do is good) — you are one of those rare people with whom you can just sit and be and all is well with the world.  Thank you for that!” 

Karen Green

“Thank you for talking me down from all the upheaval in the world. When you present your take on things, it resonates as Truth.”

Cheryl W., Reiki Master