“…Imagine all the people living life in peace;
You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one …”
John Lennon

Planetary Evolution: Increase Your Global Impact

In Your Wildest Dreams What Could Life On Earth Look Like?

How Will You Add Your Light to the World?

Join this Planetary Pathway as together we create a mutually supportive relationship with Mother Earth.

Welcome Planetary Pioneers who have chosen to live by Reverence and Blessings for all life. Below are tools for use if you have been called to work with planetary levels of expanding consciousness.

Co-Creating an Era of Peace, Sustainability, and Balance

We are now transitioning from chaos and uncertain future to gather with others to shift the cosmic energies of the world. On this Pathway, we also receive profound loving energies from Mother Earth to shift ourselves and our relationship to nature.

We can assist in transforming fear, limitation, and old ways of being. And as we embody them ourselves, we can then ground for humanity qualities such as joy, peace, truth, compassion, divine birthright, and many more.

Nature is a blueprint for energies of renewal, for living in the moment, and for how to experience our own bodies.

As our current human systems such as healthcare, finance, education, politics, government, and more are crumbling, we as a group can energetically help co-create New Paradigm Systems.

What is a Consciousness Shift at a Global Level?

Remember anyone you know who has gone through allopathic medicine’s cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation. The body used to be seen more as helpless and loss of healthy cells seen as a necessary side effect.

That Model is shifting in the consciousness that the body is our ally and can assist in its own healing. One current allopathic protocol is medications that boost the patient’s own immune system. Another is infusing a small amount of another virus near the cancer cells to trigger the body’s innate wisdom to fight the cancer cells as well as the virus.

Protocol shifts such as these have resulted in less harm to the body, fewer side effects, and more successful recoveries.


Feel your joy and receive blessings as you join us below if you want to add your Light to help co-create our world using Renaissance energies. Every session is different. We can align with, receive from, and contribute to Nature. Or bring in expanded consciousness to human systems, such as medicine, government, financial. Guidance will determine what is focused on at the time.

The Global Healing Circle is a monthly teleseminar where you gather with others to energetically support humanity and Mother Earth while receiving healing in return. Our goal is to co-create an Era of Peace, Sustainability, and Balance.
There will be a brief time for sharing at the end.

$69 for 75 minutes
First Wednesday of Month – 10 am Pacific or 1 pm Eastern

Co-Create the World you Want to Live In 

First Time Attendance is Free by using Janice’s Contact Form.

Click the button below to register for this month’s group.


Wondering how to help in this time of great need?

Contribute Your Spiritual Energy to Create a Way Forward.

Our current, fast-paced, ever-changing world creates opportunity for Energetic Spiritual Assistance needed at a moment’s notice. Pandemics, natural disasters, political chaos,   financial crises, and more abound these days.

Group energy magnifies exponentially the effect that you as an individual can accomplish.

Join this group of compassionate people using New Millennium Energies to uplift ourselves and our lives while helping shift consciousness in the Global crisis situations.

Your presence will make a difference.

Every Wednesday Morning 9:00 AM  Arizona Time [Mountain Standard Time]

Approximately 50 minute teleconference
Attendance is free and donations are welcome.



Elemental and Inner Earth Beings have great energies and wisdom to share with you. Review these choices of topics to see which you want to own.

In addition, there is an archive of past Global Healing Circle energetic experiences. Follow this link to the Planetary Pathway Section of the Enrichment Library.

“I have been a meditator with a regular spiritual practice since the late 80’s.  Never in my life have I experienced the depth and breadth of energy healing that I experience in this group of people in the Energy First Responders.  The synergy we have, the ideas and direction that come through are truly transformational.”

~ Georgena Eggleston

MA, Dean of Integrated Wellbeing Institute

“During the Global Healers Circle, I went very deep into a feeling of total surrender where there were no thoughts. I felt an awakening within my being which filled me with a joyous experience of love of ALL that is.  Being in such a high frequency together as a group, sharing, toning and anchoring the qualities of joy, peace, fun, compassion and healing for ourselves, loved ones, the Earth and Universes is so important. Thank you.”

~ T. Danser,

Montecito, Ca