Personal Growth and Evolution Pathway

It is time for all the hard personal growth work you have been doing to come into fruition with a life beyond your past limitations, pain, and who you were told you were. I never get tired of creating a space for pioneers to find their way through their humanity to the next level of their Whole Selves.

As this renaissance of new life-supporting energies are becoming available on the Earth, it is now easier for me to help people like you surge into more completion with your past to be able to experience:

  • Self-love
  • Peace
  • Worthy
  • Deserving
  • Connected
  • Supported
  • Belonging
  • and just plain being at home within self.

And as you go forward into expanded consciousness it also brings forward your delightful, playful, and loving precious child nature.

People I work with most often report that they have felt safe and accepted for who they are in this process. They tell me the greatest gift is they now truly love themselves. That self-love translates to a better life in all areas – relationship, abundance, health, and achievements.

Are you the kind of person who passionately engages in your personal growth and spiritual development to evolve into the best person you can be, and help others to do so? If so, this is your time to shine.

There are three pathways to choose from for your conscious evolution. One is a monthly group evolution process, another is a deeper ongoing small group evolution process, and the third is individual intensive evolution process.

Upgrade Energies Monthly Group

$55 for 60 minutes
Second Wednesday at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern

Clear, center and upgrade your energies each month during these once-monthly groups. This option is for you if you are exploring your own conscious evolution and would like to experience a surge in inner peace and outer freedom.

FIRST TIME ATTENDANCE IS FREE by using Janice’s Contact Form. Click the button below to register for this month’s group.

Evolution Group

Teleseminars – Bimonthly 2 Hour Session
5 months ~ 6 – 8 people

This small group meets bi-monthly over 5 months to go deeply into the evolution process. The group is kept small to allow for deeper connection among participants and greater personal attention during sessions.

This option is recommended for you if you prefer a group support system and want to commit to a long-term process. 

Use our Contact Form to request details by clicking the button below.

Individual Intensive

1/2 Day
Schedule with Rev. Janice

If you prefer private assistance and want fast results to expand your conscious evolution, I recommend the ½ day Individual Intensive. We will connect in person in my office, or by phone or zoom, for a deep conversation and several custom chosen processes designed to assist you in shifting your consciousness. This option is for you when you want focused, swift assistance to release your specific old traumas, losses, and other energies that are no longer needed and that hold you back. You may schedule several Individual Intensives to bring your Soul-Essence to the body and surge you to the next level of consciousness. Shorter Individual Sessions are available upon request. Use our Contact Form to request details by clicking the button below.