The New Millennium ~ Dealing with Change

We have had promises of a new Golden Age. We have been experiencing world-wide catastrophic events. What are we to believe?

 Even back in my college years many decades ago showed how much the world could change rapidly. As a freshman I entered a college with an 11 pm curfew for women, dresses required for Sunday dinner, and men and women in separate dorms on very separate areas of the campus. Four years later, when I left, I was “night-clerking: to let women into dorms at all hours, wearing blue jeans to Sunday dinner, and being an officer on a student government that created Co-Ed dorms.

On a larger scale in the world, it is easy to see current changes as chaos, negativity, and a lack of progress with peace on earth and in our lives.

It is helpful to know that things often fall apart first in order to be reorganized. It is as if we have had Band-Aids covering up all our wounds. As they are removed, we must first see the ugliness of the wound before we can heal it.

In this Renaissance period, it will help to become more aware of our unlimited spiritual heritage. We are moving out of an organized religion based era where only the leaders know God into an age where every person’s own unique experiences with their spiritual essence will be the norm. We are moving through an age of deep healing; where our past wounds must go, where we live more in the current moment, and where our expanded future potential actually draws us forward.

Today, change is imperative, yet often brings up our fear of the unknown. Even though everything around us is changing more rapidly, the one thing that remains constant is out “essential” self, our spiritual origin in unconditional love.

We can draw much security and peace from experiencing our connection to the essential self. There is even a new energy from it, called the “future self” which enables us to use energy from the future to create a new and different present.

Here is an exercise you might try after getting into a meditative state: Place your hand on your heart chakra and allow your essential self to fill that area with the energy of love. After basking in that for a while, ask your “future self” to expand an energetic grid out in front of you with limitless possibilities just for you. Feel the energy on the front side of your body expand and listen without judgment for any new thoughts, feel any sensations, and see any images. Then put out into the future grid any requests for assistance, remembering to allow for possibilities that are beyond the scope or your conscious mind. Do this consistently for a while.

Watch Your Present Change.